Dan McClung Piano Tuner-Technician


                              Piano Tuning, Repair, Regulation & Voicing

Since 1979

Including Tuning for

Sunriver Music Festival, Cascade Festival of Music

Central Oregon Community College


Owner of Piano Shoppe in Bend 1987 - 2001

Owner of Music Makers since 2003


Rates 2018

Standard tuning in the Bend area: $150

Pitch raise before tuning: $75

Repairs and minor regulations: $80/hr.

Minimum service charge: $75

Appraisal: $150

Other work by quote.

If the piano is as much as ¼ step flat, the pitch must be raised before it can be tuned.  If the piano is as much as ½ step flat it will require two pitch raises before tuning.

Note: All manufacturers recommend a minimum of two tunings per year.  This prevents the piano from dropping in pitch and maintains a reasonable tuning.

The older a piano is, the more likely it will need more than just tuning.  Never buy a used piano without first obtaining an appraisal that includes the cost of all repairs, regulation, etc.