Dan McClung Piano Tuner-Technician


Piano Tuning, Repair & Regulation

Since 1979

Including Concert Tuning for

Sunriver Music Festival, Cascade Festival of Music

Central Oregon Community College


Owner of Piano Shoppe in Bend for 15 Years

Owner of Music Makers (current)

Rates 2018

Standard tuning in the Bend area: $150

Pitch raise before tuning: $75

Repairs and minor regulations: $80/hr.

Minimum service charge: $75

Appraisal: $150

Other work by quote.

If the piano is as much as ¼ step flat, the pitch must be raised before it can be tuned.  If the piano is as much as ½ step flat it will require two pitch raises before tuning.

Note: All manufacturers recommend a minimum of two tunings per year.  This prevents the piano from dropping in pitch and maintains a reasonable tuning.

The older a piano is, the more likely it will need more than just tuning.  Never buy a used piano without first obtaining an appraisal that includes the cost of all repairs, regulation, etc.